Homeless's Home

This is just my little home made out of cardboard. Feel free to ask me a question.. or anything... got any change..?

Permalink If any of you are wondering how I am on a computer when I’m a hobo, this is a picture I took with my cell phone, which looks like this, 
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Hobo problem #35
Getting mistaken for a hipster.

A homeless guy offered to help me “Kick my heroin addiction” today..


So I was standing at the corner waiting for the light to change so I could walk across the street. This homeless guy has been standing with me for like 20 seconds.

Homeless person: I can help you kick your heroin addiction

Me: I don’t do heroin?

Homeless person: *looks me up and down* Are you sure?

Guesssss not.


….Shit it wasn’t me.

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This man is my new best friend.

Bless these kind of hobo’s..
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Like a Bum

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Ain’t Nothin Like Venice Beach… Lmao

These are my kind that make me proud to be a hobo.
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damn..so deep

Don’t hate on the hobo’s.

A homeless person is probably gonna be living with me all weekend.


I’m fucking stoked.

Bless you, sir. (Or ma’am)

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